Monday, September 01, 2008

Gustav update

FYI, Judy lives on the North shore of Lake Pontchartrain, North of I-12. Paul's house is pretty close to Judy's. She just sent this email:

Monday about 10:30 AM (Central)... at Judy Maier's house... Judy, Marty(dad), Chris (sister), Paul & Sara & Aiden (Chris' son, wife, grandson), Gary & his mom Elsie, his brother,Vincent, his brother-in-law Herschel. We also have Ollie & Queenie cats. They had a slight disagreement last night,but got over it quickly. Everybody is okay. We still have electricity. Paul lost his earlier. Some rain & gusty wind but not anything to talk about.We're just watching the news, so far, so good. Just regular storm type limbs down, rain & flooding. Whew! We'll just "hunker down" for the rest of the day, watch TV & watch the rain & wind. I'll update later if we still have electricity.

ADDENDUM 10:00am Pacific Time:

Talked to Bob in Metairie. They lost power but no other significant events. They have the generator running and are doing fine.