Saturday, July 02, 2016

Roadtrip Day 359

Roadtrip Day 359

7/1 Friday

Welcome to July. How time flies. The rainshower last night lasted a while but the morning dawned clear and sunny. Well, I assume that was the case cuz I just got up and it’s after 10. (Aside: Ronnie informs me that the morning was actually cloudy and chilly. See. Why wake up early?) Time for a little July breakfast and mental preparation for the onslaught of additional campers here. Two families arrived yesterday evening, obviously together, and took the two campsites near us. Party hearty for the Fourth. Allow me to complain a bit.

First thing was the man and woman yelling to each other to get their Class C settled. Not angry, just loud. He was merely loud but she was loud and strident. Nasty, piercing voice. Cut right through to the old brainstem. They finally got set up but she continued to talk. And talk. And talk. Still talking. Loudly and piercingly. The second thing they did was unload a half a cord of firewood. No shit. Half a cord. Maybe they’re staying for a week. Or so. And, inevitably, they built a fire right away. 80 degrees but they needed a fire. Guess which way the smoke went? A while later when their friends arrived in a large popup, there was more loud assistance to get them set up. Then continuing party mode into the rain and deep into the night under their awning(s) in the rain. At least the rain put their fire out.

Oh well, it is the Fourth. It’s a big party weekend. But even with all the people in the dual group chatting, her voice cuts through like a katana through a Buddhist monk’s kesa. Sigh. I have music and movies and headphones. And a car to go to the lake or whatever. I will Gloria Gaynor this.

And did I mention that it’s a lovely day? Now. (grin)

I wrote a good bit the last coupla days and I think I need a day of not writing. Well, I did a little writing work but it was for the “teaser” for book 3 not work directly on CtD. Time to scrounge some lunch.

And a quick grocery trip for ice and necessities, like cookies and hard lemon candies. Found some fish fillets that look ok, so I think dinner will be those pan fried in butter, with some lemon, green onion, garlic powder, and Tony’s, with rice, and steamed green beans. That sounds ok, especially since I sugared some strawberries when we got back from the grocery and those are settling, waiting to be served over angelfood cake after dinner. Having a little California cabernet we found on our grocery trip to ease into dinnertime. It’s young but reasonably tasty. And it was CHEAP! A sought-after quality in our wine selections.

Of course cabernet sauvignon goes with delicate white fish. We’re not Philistines. Not complete Philistines. Maybe kinda Philistineish. Philistine-light?

Ok, fine. Go ahead and judge me. Maybe we’ll just finish the fucking cab then have something you approve of with the fucking fish. And maybe I’ll have some of my fucking delicious port after dinner. Maybe with the fucking strawberries and angelfood cake. What are you eating, anyway? And you’re having which wine with that?

Drunk and full. Like the Kapitanlieutenant says in “Das Boot” – “I am too drunk to fuck.” Goodnight.

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