Friday, July 08, 2016

Roadtrip Day 362

Roadtrip Day 362

7/4 Monday

Travel day. Woke early to get packed and get on the road. Did all that efficiently and made it to Madison by 11 in order to visit Jocelyn and Martin. It was so nice to see them one-on-one rather than in the hurly-burly of a conference. They took us to lunch at a delightful and delicious Vietnamese-Thai place. Yum! Hadn’t had Thai in a LONG time. After lunch we just sat at their house and had a lovely chat accompanied by a freshly-made tart. Burp! It was wonderful to visit with them and we hated to leave but we still had a lotta miles to go to get to our reserved campsite.

Bye! Thanks! Hope to do it again soon. Fabulous people.

Drifted into the campground around 7pm. Got set up. Warmed up the leftover yellow curry from lunch for a quick and easy (and tasty!) dinner. I had a long, hot shower; that was swell. Listened to what sounded like a 75mm mortar attack which was a fireworks show at the nearby dam. It stopped at a reasonable time and we crashed into a delightfully quiet night.

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