Saturday, August 20, 2016

Day 369 et sequitur Home Interlude

Today is Day 409 - 8/20. Summation of the recent past:

We met Chloe at the airport in Minneapolis and got her settled, crashing with friends. We then headed to Cherie and Steve's in Nebraska for a visit. Home from there. At home, we settled in for a short visit before loading a U-Haul trailer with Chloe's stuff to return to Minneapolis to help her get set up in the apartment she found in the interim. Hauled her stuff to Minneapolis and stayed with her in her new apartment for a few days. It's very nice. I like it a lot.

We left Chloe to her new life and headed down the freeway TRAILERLESS for a quick visit with Alex P. and saw her farm. Then fast driving back to Seattle. At home, it was an endless grunt of cleaning and deodorizing the basement rooms. Still at it but the bedroom is reclaimed and the big room ("family room" "video room") is close to being reclaimed.

We had thought we'd be unable to attend the LIFE is Good Unschooling Conference due to money and travelling but, because we're home, we decided to make it happen. So for the first weekend in September, we'll be in Portland, OR with so many friends.

Meanwhile, over the past few months my mobility has gotten progressively worse. It hurts to walk which obviously makes hiking difficult. I made an appointment with my primary doc (who is a gerontologist) and after a long discussion I took a referral to the orthopaedic surgeon. I see him on 9/8. Our plan was to housesit in San Diego for the last two weeks of September then continue being back on the road travelling. Now, it looks like I'll be scheduling knee-replacement surgery ASAP, hopefully in October. So instead of continuing back on the road, we'll housesit in San Diego then return home for surgery and the lengthy rehab period following.

I have not written anything for my second novel since being home and Ronnie has stalled on her editing pass of the first one. I'm ready to return to writing and with the enforced immobility of the rehab period, I hope to finish it by Christmas.

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